Chiropractic Care and the 4th Trimester

We are here to help you along every step of your motherhood journey, including the 4th trimester. 

The fourth trimester starts from the moment your baby is born and lasts until he or she is three months old. The term is used to describe a period of great change and development in your newborn, as he or she adjusts to the new world outside your womb but this is also a period of great change for moms as they adapt to motherhood. Carrying your baby, carrying their car seat, breastfeeding posture and changes in sleep position can all impact your spine and your health. 

Structural Changes that occur during pregnancy and after birth

Common conditions we see in new moms post delivery include:

  • stressed shoulders and neck pain

  • headaches

  • mid back pain

  • tingling into the arms

  • hip pain

  • low back pain  

This is a lot to handle when you are also tending to your new baby. (and potentially another toddler at home, too!)

Women under the care of an experienced chiropractor during the 4th trimester can experience:

  • More comfortable breastfeeding 

  • Less neck pain, back pain and hip pain 

  • Reduced frequency of headaches 

  • Quicker recovery from birth and labour by restoring proper spinal and pelvic biomechanics 

  • Lots of support along your motherhood journey 

How long do I have to wait to see a chiropractor after I deliver my baby? 

There are so many different factors that go into answering this question, but the long and short of it is “whenever you feel comfortable to lay on your stomach”. 

Birth is physically (and emotionally) stressful for both mom and baby. Some moms feel comfortable to lay on their stomachs and are eager to get a chiropractic adjustment just a couple of days after delivery. If you are experiencing mild breast tenderness, we can use our specialized pregnancy adjusting pillows to add a little bit more support to that area while you get adjusted. 

If your birth journey included a c-section, it may take a little bit longer for you to be able to lay on her stomach. We wait for clearance from your birth care provider. Once you receive clearance that your scar is healing well, we can also use our pregnancy adjusting pillows to help you feel more comfortable as you relax on the table. 

Can I bring my baby with me to my adjustment? 

Of course! We are a very family friendly office and we can’t wait to meet your new little one and welcome him or her into the world and into our Foundation Family! 

Dr. Jennifer Yakimishyn is a certified expert in prenatal and postnatal chiropractic care through the International Chiropractic Paediatric Association. She loves helping moms achieve their healthiest pregnancy and have a healthy transition into motherhood. 

If you’re curious about how gentle and specific chiropractic care can benefit you and your family, click here to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Jennifer. We look forward to helping you reach your health goals!