our expertise lies in the optimal health of the nervous system as it relates to the proper structure of your spinal bones.

The service we provide to you is a unique combination of gentle touch, precise adjustments, and natural health information aimed at restoring and maintaining an optimal level of life expression in your body. 

Step 1


All prospective practice members are asked to fill out our health history forms. A one-on-one consultation will take place between you and one of our doctors. This allows us the opportunity to discuss your past and current state of health, your health goals, and how our unique approach can help you attain them. Following the consultation you can choose to immediately proceed with our structural exam, or choose a later date that fits your schedule. 

Step 2


Our comprehensive exam process will evaluate the level of function in your nervous system, as well as the overall physical structure of your spine. This will involve:

  • Structural 3D Analysis
  • Infrared Spinal Thermography
  • Chiropractic Structural X-ray Analysis (if necessary)

We use state-of-the-art technology so that we are never guessing with your health or the health of your loved ones. All testing is intended to assist our doctors in locating the CAUSE of your health complaints.

Patient Recommendation Conference

Once our doctors have reviewed your exam results to determine that you are in fact a candidate for chiropractic care in our office, you will return for your recommendation conference. A thorough explanation of your health status and individualized recommendations for your care will be given. Any additional questions you may have will also be answered at this time. If you so choose, you will also receive your first specific chiropractic adjustment at Foundation Chiropractic Co. to begin restoring proper structure, function, and healing in your body.

Step 3