Born to Run?


Imagine this scenario. Two runners - each with the same body type, same age, and same shoes. They have the same training regimen and follow identical diets best suited for the high-impact, high cardio demands of the running world. So with all of that being equal, will they post identical times when they run? The answer is NO, and the reason why might surprise you.

One could argue that stress, mental state, desire, etc. could all be the reason why these two seemingly identical individuals would not post the same time. That may be true, but let’s assume all of that is equal as well. There is still that extra something, that “x-factor” some athletes have that seems to take them to another level. 

As chiropractors focused on NeuroStructural Correction, our goal is to promote and maintain proper spinal alignment and nerve function. This is different than the traditional chiropractic focus on managing back pain or other symptoms. Think about the alignment of your car - if it is off or unbalanced, will the car function the way that it should? And if the misalignment is not fixed, do you think the car will show more signs of wear and break down faster?

“Chiropractic is essential for running. I would say that I compete 8-10% better from regular chiropractic.”
— Dan o’brien, USA Olympic Gold Medalist

Your spine is the same way. If there are any spinal shifts or misalignment present, it is going to create muscle, ligament, and joint imbalance. Your body will not function optimally, and you won’t run as fast or as long as you can. If left uncorrected, this misalignment will cause an abnormal amount of wear & tear in your body and may result in premature degeneration, arthritis, or future injury. Not only that, spinal shifts also put constant pressure on your nerves. As many people know, it is our nerves that control every single function of the body. Conditions like numbness/tingling, muscular imbalance, migraines, breathing trouble, fatigue, and slow recovery times are often traced back to underlying spinal instability and nerve interference. 

So although it is often overlooked, proper spinal structure is essential to perform your best and can make all the difference between two seemingly “identical” runners. Millions of athletes around the world are now using chiropractic to prevent injury and promote total body wellness. Proper spinal alignment creates balance in your body and reduces stress in your joints and muscles. It also restores the brain-body connection, allowing you to function at your absolute best!