Headaches: Origin, Treatment, and Research


Headaches are one of the most common complaints we deal with in our office. In fact, they are so common that many of our patients feel like it’s “normal” to suffer from the occasional headache and that everyone must get them sometimes. The truth is that it is NOT normal to suffer from headaches and the key to reducing and resolving their frequency is to figure out what’s causing them in the first place. 

Although headaches are not caused by just one source, a growing amount of research indicates that the large majority of headaches arise due to pressure along the cervical spine (your neck). Over time, the bones in our neck can become misaligned because of repetitive stresses like poor posture or physical trauma. These spinal misalignments place pressure to the spinal nerves and muscles which causes pain, tightness, and irritation which lead to headaches. 

“Headaches are more frequently caused by spinal stress than any other condition.”

-Matthews, S. Journal of Occupational Trauma, 1993. 

“Over 70% of all headaches arise from problems with the cervical spine and its related structures.”

-Boake, H. Canadian Family Physician. 

“Headaches are frequently caused by compression of cervical nerve roots and prolonged tension of the neck muscles.”

-Gilroy, J. Basic Neurology p. 92. 

“Chiropractic adjustments of the cervical spine were found to be superior in terms of reducing tension headache frequency, intensity, and also improving functional status of patients when compared to standard medical treatments.”

-Hurwitz EL et al. Manipulation and mobilization of the cervical spine. Spine Journal 1996. 

Our office focuses on a unique area of chiropractic called NeuroStructural Correction. We bring every patient through a detailed examination process that specifically identifies any area of spinal misalignment and nerve pressure. This allows us to deliver high-quality spinal adjustments that are safe, specific, and effective at resolving many cases of headaches and migraines. 

Dr. Jason has completely changed my life! I suffered from debilitating headaches and migraines for years and the only thing that had helped was my medication. After seeing Dr. Jason I barely ever experience a migraine anymore, and have substantially decreased the amount of medication I have to take for them. My favourite day each month is the morning I go into the office and get adjusted!
— Megan W.

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