Do These Ten Things Daily For A Happier Life


When you have happy, productive habits, you will make more room for happy thoughts and events in your life. So, starting today…

  1. Start working towards your goals- When we put off our goals, it instantly makes them harder and scarier. The secret to getting ahead and being happier is simply getting started. Starting, all by itself, is usually sufficient to build enough momentum to keep the ball rolling. Stop focusing on the finish line and start focusing on taking the first step! 
  2. Start taking responsibility for your own actions-  When you blame others for what you’re going through, you deny responsibility and perpetuate the problem. Stop giving away your power and start taking responsibility for your life, you will develop an amazing sense of freedom and peace. 
  3. Start accepting change- “The only constant in life is change.” If nothing ever changed, there would be no sunrise tomorrow morning. Learning to accept change is vital to our happiness and general success. We can only grow and begin to see a world we never knew existed once we start accepting change. Embrace change and realize that it happens for a reason!
  4. Start letting go of what you can not control-  If you try to control everything, you will be worrying about things that are out of your control, setting yourself up for a lifetime of frustration and misery. The best thing you can do is to let go of what you can’t control and invest in the things you can- like your attitude and your health
  5. Start talking yourself up, to yourself-  Nothing will bring you down quicker than berating yourself. Your mind is an amazing instrument, consciously make an effort to have positive mental self-talk. As Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!”. 
  6. Start accepting others for who they are- When we criticize others, the negativity we are projecting on them will eventually cripple our own happiness. Keep in mind, constructive criticism goes a long way, but there’s one key word- constructive! 
  7. Start confronting your fears and your problems- If everyone threw their problems in a pile for you to see, you would quickly grab yours back. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Tackle your fears and problems swiftly, don’t run away from them. Fears stop us from taking chances and making decisions. They keep us confined to the small space where we feel most comfortable. Letting your fears and problems control you is not “living”, it’s merely existing. 
  8. Start living in the present- Some people spend their entire lives trying to live in another time and place, however the past is gone and the future doesn’t exist. One of life’s greatest paradoxes is that our brightest future hinges on our ability to pay attention to what we’re doing right now, today. We need to live more in the moment. Living in the moment requires active, open and attention awareness on the present. One way to start living in the moment is to notice the beauty unfolding around you at each and every second of the day. 
  9. Start accepting yourself- One of our greatest challenges in life is trying to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you someone else. Don’t change so that people will like you, change so that you will like and LOVE yourself. Be yourself and the right people will love you-you’ll love yourself more too and it will make all of the difference in the world.
  10. Start being grateful- Not all the puzzle pieces of life will seem to fit together at first, but in time you’ll realize they do, perfectly. It’s tough to do at first, but start thanking the things that didn’t work out, because they just made room for the things that will. Instead of thinking about what you’re missing, try thinking about what you have that everyone else is missing. Wake up each and every day thankful for your life and your health. 



References: 1000 Little Things by Marc and Angel.