How a Neurophysiologist Explains Chiropractic Care

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When people think of chiropractic, they think of neck and back pain. So while it’s true that Traditional Chiropractors specialize in pain, we also want you to understand that chiropractic care focused on NeuroStructural Correction is capable of so much more.  

In the 60s, 70s, and 80s, a PhD scientist named Dr. Irvin Korr showed over and over again that a bad spine will directly contribute to bad organ health. The title of his most popular study speaks volumes: “The spinal cord as the organizer of disease processes.” A bad spine will increase the likelihood of experiencing early onset disease processes. 

Dr. Korr spent five decades of his life studying the spine and its direct influence on the nervous system. He published a series of papers in 1979 with many references pointing to the fact that misalignment in a segment of the spine will absolutely affect the nervous system in a negative way. 

Korr shared a fascinating personal story from his 40s when he received his first spinal adjustment. After a single treatment he went for a walk and found an irresistible urge to break into a jog. He had not jogged in years. Fatigue from the jog forced Korr to prop himself up against a tree to take a deep breath. His lungs opened up as he inhaled and he felt his rib cage expand fully, literally tearing several small adhesions. From that moment he described a transformation in his life and began receiving regular adjustments. Many things began to change, one of which was improved eyesight, allowing him to throw away his prescription sunglasses because he could now control his pupils without them. Dr. Korr attributes his long life (he lived to his mid 90s) and prolonged intellectual activity to having received quality spinal adjustments. 

Thousands of chiropractic patients experience the same benefits that Dr. Korr described. Korr wanted to know why chiropractic so dramatically changed his life. He also wanted to know why the medical profession does not educate itself or practice these methods that are so capable of radically influencing human health. Korr publicized a reinforcement of previously determined facts that spinal adjustments help every organ increase health and undeniably reduce the amount of disease processes in the body. 

Based on Dr. Korr’s work and the work of so many others, chiropractic adjustments done with the intention of reducing structural abnormalities have proven to be more effective at improving visceral and systemic health.

“The skeleton, the muscles that move it and the nerves that control them are the Primary Machinery of Life”                 -Dr Irvin Korr