Welcome to Foundation Chiropractic Co.!

Our first blog post! 

Let us introduce you to FCC by answering the most common question we hear: "What is NeuroStructural Correction? I've never heard of that before!" NeuroStructural Correction is what we call our brand of care here. It is our proprietary blend of techniques and therapies that addresses the underlying cause of many health concerns.  

My sister and I were very active growing up. Years of competitive figure skating, hockey, volleyball and skiing left us constantly managing different injuries, aches, and pains. We were always happy with traditional therapy methods, but after a while we realized that the same problems always seemed to reappear. It wasn't until our late teens that we were introduced to proper spinal structure and the role the nervous system plays in overall health. At that point we started to realize that normal spinal structure and clear nerve function are the foundation of true health and performance. 


Imagine for a second that you are in the market to buy a house. You have been looking for a while and finally fall in love with a place. You get ready to make an offer, but before doing so you notice a large crack in the wall! You tell the real estate agent and they tell you that they’ll bring someone in to patch it up and to come back the next day.

You wake up the next morning and go back to check it out. The patchwork looks good, but as you inspect the house further you notice one of the floorboards is starting to make noise… and that some of the windows don't move quite like they should… you even notice another crack in the drywall! Again, the real estate agent tells you not to worry because they’ll touch up all those issues before you make an offer. You appreciate the gesture, but will patching the wall and adding a nail to the floorboard really FIX anything?

So rather than continuing to patch every new problem that comes up, wouldn’t it make sense to evaluate the FOUNDATION of the house? If the foundation being off is causing all of these problems, shouldn't we shift our focus to restoring that foundation in order to achieve a more permanent solution?

Your body is no different. You can either treat recurring symptoms, or you can work on restoring your foundation so that your body can function and heal naturally. Just like it was supposed to in the first place. 

As chiropractors focused on NeuroStructural Correction, we work with you to identify and correct the underlying cause of your health concerns.

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